I kid you not, my handyman looks and dresses like Bill Nye.  White labcoats are really popular here, even among the nonscience set. Read More

There's been a new addition to my commute, outside the Le Guichet train station.  Although Not Safe For Grandparents or Work, unless you work in France, you can see it here.  It's an ad for Votre Beaute, which I think ...Read More

I've finally gotten my LAC email address, which has an impressively poor web interface.  On Thursday the department secretary sent a mass email that's worth sharing: Bonjour,Dans le courrier de ce matin je viens de recevoir un pli sans nom de destinataire ...Read More

Last night I had dinner with the Gallaghers, which was a really nice time!  Gallagher and I rode a really crowded train from LAC to his apartment in the 5th arrondissement.  We talked shop and how UVA needs to stop ...Read More

Dear Paris,I've got a bone to pick with you.  The "have you ever seen full-frontal nudity with your graduate advisor and his wife" box was not one I was looking to check.  Thanks a lot, magazine kiosk with 2\,m tall ...Read More

Lab Aime CottonOriginally uploaded by j.gurian Read More

The Morning Commute View Larger Map View Larger Map I highly recommend taking advantage of Google's StreetView.  Read More

Looking down on the new morning commuteOriginally uploaded by j.gurianThe Top of the Rue de la Colline Read More

Big news of the week!  They served frog legs in the cafeteria!  They were huge!  All of the natives were a little skittish, so I steered clear.  I'm willing to try frog legs here, but I feel like I should ...Read More

On Monday I started work at the Laboratory Aime Cotton, which is located atop the tallest mountain in France.  It's a twenty minute hike from the train station, Le Guichet, to the plateau where the lab is located, and should ...Read More