I’ve finally gotten my LAC email address, which has an impressively poor web interface.  On Thursday the department secretary sent a mass email that’s worth sharing:
Bonjour,Dans le courrier de ce matin je viens de
recevoir un pli sans nom de destinataire a l'intérieur
duquel se trouve UN MAILLOT DE BAIN D'OCCASION modèle HOMME
Taille 4 de la marque ETREL de couleur noire , :-$  .
Vraisemblablement son propriétaire l'aurai oublié,
a prioiri en mission, à l'hotel Körner a Hanovre.
Son propriétaire aura l'obligeance de venir le chercher
dans ma poubelle aujourd'hui ou dans la benne dès ce soir.

(Cf message sur les colis persos)Amanda

For those of you who speak French as well as I do,

In the mail this morning I just received an envelope with no name 
recipient within which is a swimsuit 
USED MAN model size 4 brand ETRELLES black, :-$. 
Presumably the owner shall have forgotten in a prioir
imission, Körner hotel in Hanover. 
Its owner will have the kindness to come and look in my trash 
today or in the dumpster tonight. 
(Cf message Packages characters)

This department is awesome.

Friday night I went to a movie with Andrea in Orsay, which was good practice for my French.  I found out just how quiet Orsay gets at night – it’s a ghost town.  The movie theatre was showing Une Execution Ordinaire, which made no sense.  Not because it was in French, but I think more because it was French.  The woman in the movie heals people using her Force powers, and otherwise it’s just a period drama.  With Stalin.  It was well done, but I’m not sure I’d put it in a Netflix queue.  If Stalin also had Force powers, then maybe…

The movie had a preview for a movie with Jean Reno and the French Jew from Inglorious Basterds, called The Round Up, that looks pretty good. Leaving the movie theatre there were ads outside for Couples Retreat, with the ads featuring only Jean Reno.  Man, they love that guy.  If I only knew of the movie through the movie poster, it’s a film about Jean Reno being alone on a couples retreat, rather than him being a side character in a film about three couples at a couples retreat.  Seriously, the movie poster is just Jean Reno, standing waist deep in a lake.  I think French audiences are going to be even more disappointed than American audiences in Couples Retreat.

Saturday was work and errands, although I did get to finally snap a photo of my favorite store in my neighborhood.  I haven’t been inside yet, but I walk past it on my way to the market.  It’s an amazing combination of medical supplies and sensual lingerie.  Yes, those are stockings on the left.  Yes, those are canes on the right.  Yes, that’s a man in a motorized wheelchair.  Yes, that’s a mannequin with a bra sitting in a collapsible camping chair.  I don’t understand the place, but I know where to turn the next time I need both a demi-slip and a walker.