So I’ve got a bunch of different posts in the hopper about the last week, including the crazy amounts of Rugby Union advertising accumulating at the train station, the Commie flyer board at work, a positive soapbox rant about Google Android, and my first real forays into the world of Parisian retail. Sadly, I stayed up too late working on a draft of a paper for Tom before he heads to Berlin and Amsterdam, and this weekend I have to prepare a colloquium for Thursday. So, I’m not really sure when I’ll find time to post.

But, I’ve been getting quite a few emails from people inquiring what the best way to get in touch was, so I thought I’d quickly try to summarize the best ways for people to get in contact with me.

1) Email:
You can now email me, jgurian here at, and it will reach me immediately. Other email addresses you may have for me will, and should always, continue to work.
2) Mail: Did you know that Boulevard is abbreviated Bd in France? I had no idea. I haven’t really tried sending anything from the US to France, so I’m not really sure how long it takes or the associated costs.  Email me if you need the address and apartment number.

3) Phone: Calling France is not terribly expensive, and incoming calls are free for me! The two least expensive options are Google Voice and Skype.
a) Google Voice offers rates of $0.02/min to landlines in France, and $0.15/min to mobiles in France. This is done using your existing landline or mobile phone, and billed as a local incoming call.  This would probably be my choice for making phone calls if I were you.
b) Skype offers two different methods of calling, both of which require you to be at a computer with working connected speakers and a microphone. You can call other people on Skype, like me for free, or call French landlines for $0.02/min and mobiles for $0.23/min. My Skype username is jgurian.  If you have a webcam Skype also allows videoconferencing.
c) The rates of your long-distance provider or mobile phone carrier. These are most convinient, but most expensive.  To call using your phone, you dial 01133, and then drop the leading zero from a French number.  Feel free to call anytime before 6pm Eastern and after 2am Eastern.  My mobile is 06 46 05 43 84, and my apartment is 01 75 44 71 02.

4) In Person:  Visitors are always appreciated,  My apartment is located within easy walking distance of a rapid train that inexpensively goes to both major airports in Paris.  My apartment allows guests for up to two weeks at a time, and for 6€/day you can have your own twin bed, just like mine!  We can be, wait for it, Twins!

If there are more than one of you I suggest any of the many hotels that Paris has to offer, with the exception of The Grand Hotel Magenta.  Those guys are a bunch of clowns.

Ok, I should head to bed, I have to crank out a bunch of slides tomorrow!  I’ll try to post again soon, although Paris-Nice starts Sunday so we all know where any free time is going…