Everyone’s favorite German rider, Jens Voigt, turned out an impressive second place finish in today’s Paris-Nice individual time trial, particularly after a cut-short season last year by a horrific TdF crash:

At 38 years old, Jens is getting to be a little old for the Peloton, but I doubt Robin Williams would make fun of him for it. Normally I’m not a fan of old people playing sports, but hopefully Jens will never retire.  He’s a great headbanger and always good for a hilarious interview or at least photo-op. I think he’s one of the best things going in professional sport these days, never afraid to dig deeply into his suitcase of courage.

French cycling TV coverage features a much better content to commercials ratio than Versus, although there’s no Paul, Phil, or Bobke.  No Craig Hummer, either, so I think we can call it a wash.  You can read about the rest of the ITT here, basically some other guy who no one cares about won, and Gert Steegmans broke his collarbone after being eaten by a tornado.

Here’s a great Jens Voigt clip from Overcoming to close out the weekend:

Top photo by Graham Watson of Velonews.