Sunday morning I met up with the Brown girls: step-mom-mom Randi, Aunt Gayle, Grandma Norma, and my cousin, Lisa. Its been like herding cats ever since.  They can’t even all look in the same direction for a photo (see above.)  Lisa is in Rome for the semester, and it’s her Spring Break, so the girls are sightseeing in Paris and London for the week.

Sunday we walked around the Marais area of Paris. Traveling with four women, I have now seen every bathroom in the Marais.  We saw Victor Hugo’s apartment and the Museum of Jewish History, both of which I’d recommend.

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In between a lot of eating (Angelina, Sud Ouest), we also took a riverboat tour down the Seine, which I’d heartily recommend.  It’s like ten Euro, and in an hour you’ve seen a lot of the popular tourist sights in Paris.  Sud Ouest gets the J. Gurian stamp of approval – good, well priced duck.  I’ve been eating a lot of duck here, I think like four times since Sunday.

On Monday night Randi decided to take us all to Le Lido, a cabaret show known for its beautiful women and elaborate sets.

Ok, the Lido is a high class tit show. And lasers, lots of lasers. Two of my favorite things, so rarely in the same place. Although its probably easier to find tit shows with lasers than lasers with tit shows. I should talk to Coherent about that – we certainly pay them enough.

The dancing girls were certainly all beautiful (and impressively homogeneous), and the sets were certainly elaborate (they made it rain on stage and there was an ice skating act.) I think my enjoyment was slightly hampered by the fact that I was sitting watching half-naked women with my family. Don’t get me wrong, they all loved the show.   Lisa even bought Lido postcards afterwards.

I think you even recreate the experience at home. Gather up a couple family matriarchs and watch the middle third of Verhoeven’s Showgirls. You know, the volcano and Gina Gershon parts, not the parts with Coop. Papa Bill, you can assume I’m talking about the VH1 version where everone is wearing computer-generated bras.  Everyone else, no I’m not.

I think this topped the time Randi took my father and I to a great movie about the Constitution when I was fourteen.

Also, the Lido has an impressive optogalvanic/OM setup going.  At one point they held a half-naked dancer  in the air and scanned her like a barcode at the supermarket with a bunch of 532, half-shifted to aqua.  It was great, although I was a little worried that she wasn’t wearing appropriate laser safety products.  I think it would only improve the show.