Today is the start of the 2010 World Cup, which everyone in France is pretty excited about!  Well, everyone except Lab. Aime Cotton.  People at the lab are mostly… whelmed.  I discussed this with one of the summer students in the lab, who had some interesting things to say about that.

It turns out that even though football is more of a “commoners’ game” than rugby or cricket, CNRS researchers don’t like that the footballers get paid all that money!  Running Ligue 1, the highest level of football in France, costs over a billion Euro per year.  The socialists really don’t like all that money getting thrown around when it could be going to the people, and so FdG and such hate football.  So, even though Soccer may be the liberal plot to destroy America, it turns out it’s not commie enough for France.  Who knew?

I watched some of the matches today, and spoiler alert:  You favorite team didn’t win.  Group A:  impressively well-balanced.  Also, South Africans are really bad at blowing shofar.

Enjoy USA getting crushed by England tomorrow, and if you get bored, Tour de Suisse starts at 5pm ET on Versus!