On Saturday night I witnessed a great little impromptu parade, right outside my window.  The Stade Charlety is right down the street from where I live, and they’ve been showing some of the World Cup matches on their JumboTron.  Rather unexpectedly, Algeria ended up tying England in their World Cup match.  Also rather unexpectedly, I learned that there are a lot of Algerians in my neighborhood.

The Algerian fans threw a parade after the game!  Everyone had Algerian flags worn as capes, and cheers went up in the streets.  Car honked their horns, and cheer/horn call-response went well past midnight.  It was pretty entertaining.

Fast-forward to this evening.  I stepped off the train from work around 9pm to greet roughly two hundred riot cops.  On the platform, in the station, and on the streets.  It was craaazy.  Shields, grenade launchers, four swat trucks blocked the tram and the street in both directions.  Keep in mind, the final game between England and Algeria ended over three hours ago.  It was clear Algeria lost.  And they were not happy.

I’m assuming some unhappy Algerian fans trying burning cars or something, and obviously this time the gendarmes were having none of it.  It’s been four hours and there still hasn’t been a single car down my street.

Hey USA, I suggest a new strategy: let the wookie win!