Contador just gained a great chance to win, but he lost the chance to win greatly. -Gerard Vroomen I haven't been shy in expressing my feeling that Lance Armstrong isn't the nice person his well-crafted media image portrays.  This past weekend Cozy ...Read More

tdf spaulding ramaz

Although pugs aren't generally considered to be great sleuth hounds, Spaulding isn't exactly your average pug.  Spaulding, with Brent and Karen's help, found the two seconds of Versus coverage where you can see Pete and me!  Good Girl! Read More


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Success!  Pete and I conquered the Col de la Ramaz, the mountain that stole Lance Armstrong's dreams (TMTSLAD).  Climbing the Col was incredibly, incredibly, difficult, made harder by the weight of our awesome moustaches! I'm sure some of you are wondering ...Read More

Virenque big-ringing it up the Col de la Ramaz

[caption id="attachment_342" align="aligncenter" width="302" caption="Virenque big-ringing it up the Col de la Ramaz"][/caption] Tune in this Sunday to Stage 8 of the Tour de France as Pete and I tackle the Col de la Ramaz in the northern Alps! The favoured approach ...Read More

by J. Gurian

It shouldn't come as a surprise that ironing is an important part of life in Paris. After a croissant, I think a clothes iron was my first purchase when I arrived. I bought a little travel iron from ...Read More

Tomorrow is the start of the Tour day Frants!  As the program vendors say at the ballpark, "you can't tell the players without a score card", and that's certainly true in cycling. I thought I'd do a run-down of ...Read More