Contador just gained a great chance to win, but he lost the chance to win greatly.

-Gerard Vroomen

I haven’t been shy in expressing my feeling that Lance Armstrong isn’t the nice person his well-crafted media image portrays.  This past weekend Cozy Beehive even pointed out that Lance’s sports drink company, FRS, donates a dime to Livestrong for every $36 case of beverages sold, or 0.28%.  That’s less than a penny for every time they invoke Livestrong’s name in that press-release.  Of that dime, an impressively large 4.5 cents goes towards overhead.  Lame.  Let’s not forget the occasional twitter meltdown

However, even Lance waited for Jan Ullrich when Ullrich went off the road during the 2001 Tour.  Cavendish might throw his bike and helmet like a pouting child, and Barredo and Costa might bash each other with fisticuffs and front wheels, but none of them are as big a jerk as Contador for attacking during a mechanical.  It’s seems I’m not alone on this one, either.  Boo this man, booooooo!