A quick catch-up post, since I’ve been super-delinquent in writing lately. First up, I should probably give a better recap of the 100 Miles of Nowhere. I also hopped a train to London a few weekends ago, which mostly consisted of eating. Finally, I zipped off to Atlanta for an APS conference, but that’s not so interesting.

I woke up to a beautiful, warm Sunday morning, and managed to even get out of the house a little after nine. I warmed up by riding to the Hippodrome. The first 21% clicked by quicker than I had planned in an hour – there was a good pack of over a hundred riders in a quick moving peloton circling the track. The wind picked up in the second hour, which seemed to trash any cooperation in the group. The second hour ticked along pleasantly enough, and I was already up to 40%. I have to admit, things were clicking along faster than I’d originally planned which was both good and bad. Good in that I was progressing faster than I expected, and bad in that I probably wasn’t pacing myself like I should.

Over the next twenty percent my legs really started fading. By 70%, I was worried I wouldn’t make it. I wouldn’t say I bonked, but it certainly felt like I would before I reached the end. I ate another Clif Bar (I should have gotten sponsorship, I polished off eight Clif Bars before the day was over.) Finally, around 80%, I felt like I could make it! I’d made it over the Wall, there was only a fifth left! I could do it!

Minutes later, around 84%, they closed the course. Paris Cycliste Olympique, a local cycling club, was holding a race that they’d permitted for. In fact, they’d had permit problems and were forced to move the race to my race day! Merde!

So, I suddenly had to find somewhere else to do the last sixteen percent of nowhere. After staring at a map for a bit, I made my way to riding along the Seine.  After almost killing a kindergarten’s worth of children in prams, I finally just noodled about Paris until I found myself at 100 miles and home.  Fin!  I think I’m game for tackling another one now, maybe even one a little more… formal.

Did you know London has really good food? Who knew? I think I ate my bike’s weight in food over four days in London. French cuisine is wonderful, and the preparation is often exemplary, but it excels in its sublety. Consequently, you can’t find a whole lot of spicy food in Paris. I really never thought I’d say this, but food in London seems to be thriving! Here’s a quick rundown of some of my eats recommendations in London:

Mushu – Yummy Dumplings!  I’m sold!

Barbacoa – Jamie Oliver’s new upscale BBQ restaurant.  I think every agrees at this point that Jamie Olivier is slightly annoying, but he produces some mighty-fine non-Southern BBQ.  I think BBQ might be the reason the South hasn’t risen again…

Roka – Fancy Japanese!  Get the duck, you won’t regret it!

Marie’s Cafe – Super cheap Thai and breakfast food, together, at last! Sadly, the don’t serve breakfast for
dinner.  That would truly be heaven…

Ok, enough rambling, it’s time to start paying attention to the Tour!