Annie Cookies

Annie threw down the cookie gauntlet and sent a yummy box of homemade cookies!  Dare you answer her challenge?  Enjoy your Passover as you ponder that question. Read More


Success! Today we trapped atoms!  That little white spot in the center is a cloud of really really cold Cesium atoms! Read More

Jean Reno

Compare the poster on the left to the poster on the right.  These are not the same movies. Also, Dad Dad passed along this article in the NY Post, which is both hilarious and related. Read More

I ran across this website that contains a huuuuge panoramic view of Paris that I thought you all might enjoy playing with.  As a warning, the website immediately starts playing rather loud accordion music.  However, this isn't too far off ...Read More

Simpsons Crazy Cat Lady

My presentation went well today, although when English is the room's third language on average, how could it not?  Gallagher had me a little spooked, last week he claimed that presenting at LAC is "like a room full of Bob ...Read More

I know a significant fraction of my readership cares deeply for Rugby Union, which there seems to be quite a lot of in these parts.  Ignoring the fact that there's a Rugby League franchise within a stone's throw of my ...Read More

voigt by Graham Watson

Everyone's favorite German rider, Jens Voigt, turned out an impressive second place finish in today's Paris-Nice individual time trial, particularly after a cut-short season last year by a horrific TdF crash: At 38 years old, Jens is getting to be a ...Read More

So I've got a bunch of different posts in the hopper about the last week, including the crazy amounts of Rugby Union advertising accumulating at the train station, the Commie flyer board at work, a positive soapbox rant about Google ...Read More

This weekend I went to two large retail stores in Paris, FNAC and BHV, which ended up being a remarkable experience.  Remarks! FNAC is a chain of stores, originally known as Federation Nationale d'Achats des Cadres, or the National Purchasing Federation ...Read More

I kid you not, my handyman looks and dresses like Bill Nye.  White labcoats are really popular here, even among the nonscience set. Read More